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Elevate your Wellbeing!

Recently, I had the pleasure of recording a podcast episode for ‘Ascend Men,’ where we delved into the fascinating intersection of wellbeing, fitness, and faith. Read More

Easter Blessings

Here are a few thoughts for you to use in a quiet time this Easter week. Many blessings! E: Earth At his death Jesus came… Read More

Don’t Go Low Carb!!

So often I hear that people are cutting out carbs. They might be trying the Atkins or keto diet, or trying to eat lean, green… Read More

Make your Summer Easier!

You may wonder why on earth I am talking about summer now, after all it’s only the middle of March! (even that is scary!) Well… Read More

The ‘Sunshine Vitamin’

As the sun fades away this autumn as we turn into winter let’s take a look at the ’Sunshine Vitamin’ – Vitamin D.Sufficient levels of vitamin… Read More