Your Plate of Plenty

What is it?

​Your Plate of Plenty is a PDF document containing a ‘Plate’ developed specifically and especially for YOU with the correct amounts of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Healthy Fats, Fruit and ‘Extras’ that YOU need on it. The Plate covers a week and will support you with your goal to either maintain, lose or gain weight whilst eating the ideal combination of healthy foods.

Each week you print off a new sheet and tick the portions off as you go. Some people laminate theirs and use a wipeable marker pen!

​You can read more about how it came to be here.

​How do we know what to put on Your Plate?

​Asking you extensive questions we tailor Your Plate to:

  • Your age
  • Your weight
  • Your goals
  • Your activity levels
  • Your natural preferences
  • Your Energy Levels
  • Your Metabolic Type (How your body processes food)
  • Your Somatotype (Your Body type)
  • Your Oxidisation System (how your body ‘takes up’ energy from foods)
  • You!

Then we use:

  • World Health Organisation, Food Standards Agency and Department of Health Guidelines
  • Latest Research into Macro Nutrient Ratios, Protein Requirements, Fat Requirements, Carbohydrates for Exercise, Somatotypes and Oxidative Types
  • Our Extensive Knowledge, Expertise and Experience of Supporting People to achieve their Goals
  • Unique and Complex formulas

to ensure that the number of serves on Your Plate are correct and will bring success.

You then receive Your Plate of Plenty, as a PDF, with all of the correct portions and types of foods for you. You tick off your choice of food as you eat it using the included simple guide.

​All this means that:

​If you fill Your Plate, you will fulfil Your Goals!

What next?

​We offer two options for Your Plate of Plenty:

  • IDEAL and

​The IDEAL Plate is how to eat for optimum nutrition and an ideal balance for your body and your goals.

However, recognising the society that we live in and the lives that we have this can sometimes be tricky and may mean that you find Your Plate harder to stick to.

This is why we offer the FLEXIBLE Plate which makes things slightly more realistic and manageable and may make it easier to follow.

​If you can’t decide then you can get both plates and change between them after every full day if you like!




  • Your Plate
  • Instructions
  • 10 weeks of emails giving you more information and support
  • Ongoing support through email and Facebook

​​The Thinking behind Your Plate of Plenty

Gaynor van der Burton,
Fitfish Founder

​”When I was in my teens and twenties I was stuck in a vicious bingeing and dieting cycle. Although, if I was determined and focused and had a strong (even if shallow) motivation, I could lose weight it never stayed off long term and my mindset was anything but healthy.

I was fed up of being trapped in this cycle and thankfully God set me free and taught me how to put Him at the centre and put health not the number on the scales first.

At first I was scared of developing and following any kind of ‘diet’ or ‘plan’ but I also knew that I needed some guidance and information about what was right for me to eat, especially in terms of portion sizes and proportions of different foods. And so this is how Your Plate of Plenty was born.

It offers a ‘light’ guide that if followed will work but also after a few weeks or months (depending on the individual) will have offered enough support and guidance and change to not be needed any more and for it just to be a natural way of eating.

We do all of the work behind the scenes on counting the calories and doing the scientific sums so that you can relax and enjoy more freedom!”

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