Online Exercise

Make the most of this online world we are living in to access Fitfish exercise in your own home!

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You are welcome to join us whether you are familiar with or new to Fitfish!

Praise Aerobics Such fun! Come and join us for easy-to-follow aerobics to some worship tunes. Suitable for all levels.

30 min Boost – Short but very effective! After a warm-up, we alternate between cardio and strength exercises for 20 minutes. You will need a mat and weight or bag full of tins. All levels

Circuits – circuits means we change exercises regularly which makes it really fun and the time fly by. We cover all kinds of different exercises for the whole body. Suitable for all levels. You will need a mat and a bag of tins or a weight.

Intervals – intervals means we do an interval of ‘work’ followed by an interval of rest. You can choose how hard you work and how long you work and rest for. Lots of different exercises to keep it varied and enjoyable! All levels. You will need a mat and a weight or bag of tins!

Mat Workout – an all-over body workout on an exercise mat. All Levels. You will need a mat

Resistance Bands – work your muscles with a resistance band routine – all levels. You will need a band.

West End Workout – an all-over body workout to musical songs!! (disclaimer – not necessarily West End music, could be Broadway and film too!!) All Levels. You will need a mat, 2 hand weights or tins and a bigger weight or bag of tins.

Chair Workout – Get a full workout whilst staying seated! You will need 2 weights/tins/water bottles/bags of rice

Stretch and Soul – 10-15 mins of stretching and a short reflection. You will need a mat.

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