Online Exercise

Come and join us online to be Refreshed, Recharged and Rebalanced!

Make the most of this online world we are living in to access Fitfish exercise in your own home!

You are welcome to join us whether you are familiar with or new to Fitfish!

All sessions below are £5 and suitable for all fitness levels.

All sessions are 45 minutes with an optional 15 minute social breakout room afterwards.

Any ‘kit’ required will be items that you have at home and will be sent in the booking confirmation email.

Monday 2nd November, 19.00 Praise Aerobics BOOKING NOW – – Such fun! Come and join us for easy to follow aerobics to some popular worship songs. Suitable for all levels.

Tuesday 3rd November 09.45 Circuits BOOKING NOW – circuits means we change exercises regularly which makes it really fun and the time fly by. We cover all kinds of different exercises for the whole body. Suitable for all levels.

Friday 6th November 07:15 IntervalsBOOKING NOW-intervals means we do an interval of ‘work’ followed by an interval of rest. You can choose how hard you work and how long you work and rest for. Lots of different exercises to keep it varied and enjoyable! All levels.

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