Sharing is Good for You!

We’re taught sharing is good from an early age but have you ever shared recipe ideas with friends or family? Some people are very blessed to receive a book of recipes handed down from parents or grandparents and I hope that in many years time when my son leaves home I may be able to do the same, some quick, easy healthy recipes to start him on his way. (Which of course hopefully he would have been joining me in cooking at home for years!)

I find that there’s an awful lot of value in hearing about other people’s favourite recipes and at different times in your life you’re interested in different kinds of recipes with different objectives. As a student it needs to be quick and cheap and fill you up, as a parent you’re always on the hunt for quick, easy, kid pleasing meals, as a single you might also like quick meals you can bulk cook and freeze or maybe you’re in a season in your life where you love entertaining, hosting and cooking for others and holding wonderful dinner parties.

Whatever stage you’re at I find recipes given from friends are a far more valuable tool than recipes in a glossy magazine! I know that any recipes from friends really have been tried and tested and are family and kid friendly, don’t break the bank and are quick. And I know that the ones passed on are better than average and even REALLY good.

So share away, what are you top 3 go to recipes?? Ones that you breathe a sigh of relief as you plan them into your week as you know they just work.

I’m sure everyone would love to hear them below. And so let’s help each other out!

Mine are:

Lentil and Squash Dahl –

A bolognese sauce in the slow cooker and then pasta or veg spaghetti done last minute

Veggie Chilli in the slow cooker


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