A Weekend Reflection

In honour of the Queen’s 70th Jubilee we’ve have not just one but two bank holidays this week! You may already have got your long weekend fully planned out with lots of things going on, but the extra couple of days holiday might just be a chance to find some quiet time to pause, reflect and take stock. And sometimes it’s only when we stop to look that we realise what God has done and continues to do in our lives.

We’d like to share a weekend reflection sheet which you might find helpful to draw out the things you are grateful for, things you have learned, the people who encourage and inspire you, special memories that make you who you are, verses or themes that God has spoken to you about, the prayers you have prayed and the prayers he has answered. You can download the sheet here.

Join us for our next Reflection, Coffee and Conversation morning with Sharon Bell from the Fitfish Team. It’s happening on Saturday 25th June at 10am. It’s free and you can register to reserve your seat here!


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