Gill’s Experience of Healthy, Whole & Free

“The HWF programme has lived up to and even surpassed my expectations!

At the start of the programme I dared to hope that it would help me begin to make changes that would become habits, toward eating and exercising more healthily, with the aim of getting closer to a healthy BMI in due course. I had an initial objective of 4kg weight loss for these 12 weeks (needing to lose 16kg in all eventually).

Over the 12 week programme, I have lost 7kg and really begun to make changes that will become habits for a lifetime, learning to eat more healthily¬†in terms of portions and proportions. The best thing about the change, is that I don’t feel I’m on a diet, and I still enjoy all the foods I always have, (even the less healthy ones, but significantly less of them and significantly less often). Not being on a diet means I won’t be coming off the diet, so I’m hopeful that these changes will be for life. The structure and support of the programme, including all the information and worksheets in the portal, the Bible verses, teaching videos and calls, and the buddying system have all added up to a fabulous effective programme.

Thank you Gaynor, for all the encouragement and support you’ve given every step of the way! “

Gill, London

You can find out more about Healthy, Whole and Free here


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