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Have you ever marvelled at the creativity of people around you? From those who effortlessly turn a few items into a work of art, to the artists whose creations adorn galleries and our own walls, we admire their ability to transform and arrange elements in beautiful ways. However, as humans, our creativity is inherently limited. We can only rearrange what has already been created. In contrast, God’s creativity knows no bounds. He has the power to bring forth something out of nothing, and this revelation is truly awe-inspiring. Watch the video or read our blog to find out how this astonishing truth impact our own lives in practical and life changing ways.

The Limits of Human Creativity:

In our everyday lives, we all display creativity in various forms. Whether it’s building a house, preparing a packed lunch, baking a cake, or creating visual representations of data, we arrange existing elements in pleasing ways. However, there’s a limit to our creativity. We can’t conjure up something entirely new. Our ideas are composed of combinations of things we already know and exist in the world around us.

The Astonishing Truth:

Consider a colour wheel or a rainbow. Now, try to imagine a completely new colour that doesn’t exist yet. It’s impossible. Our minds are confined to what already exists. Yet, here’s where the wonder begins: God, as the ultimate Creator, has the power to bring forth something entirely new out of nothing. It’s an amazing revelation that sets Him apart from humanity.

God’s Creative Power:

Nehemiah 9:6 beautifully expresses the awe-inspiring nature of God’s creative power:

He alone is the Lord who made the heavens, the earth, and everything within them. The stars, the seas, and all living beings owe their existence to Him. God breathes life into everything, and even the heavenly multitudes worship Him.

Experiencing New Creation:

The beauty of God’s creativity extends beyond the natural world. He can bring about new creations in our lives as well. Perhaps you’ve already witnessed instances where God created something out of nothing. It could be the restoration of health after illness, the healing of a broken relationship, a transformation of heart, or the provision of financial resources where there seemed to be none. These moments of divine intervention serve as reminders of God’s limitless creative power.

Embrace and Worship the Creator God:

As we recognise God’s ability to create something out of nothing, let us be vigilant for these moments of new creation in our own lives. We are called to worship the Creator who brings forth beauty, restoration, and abundance. Each testimony of God’s creative work should inspire us to give thanks and praise. By acknowledging His creative power, we deepen our connection with the One who holds the entire universe in His hands.

So what is it that you want God to do for you? Do you have a seemingly hopeless situation. Do you have something empty that you long to be full? And conversely, what has God already given you that you created something out of?

How can this relate to your body, spirit, soul health journey? We’d love it if you shared your experiences of God’s creative power in your life to encourage us and others too!

If you are looking for a bit of space to spend time with God, we are hosting a new series of Reflection, Coffee and Conversations with one of the Fitfish team for an hour on a Saturday morning. The first one is Saturday 23rd September and its free to attend. You can find out a bit more and register here.


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Hi Gaynor!
Fantastic message - so refreshing and encouraging.


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