Quick and Healthy Bring and Share Ideas

Quick and Healthy Bring and Share Ideas

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes I get a bit caught out when I suddenly remember that tomorrow it’s a bring and share at church, or there’s a buffet at a party or a kids party where you need to take something, or even just a shared picnic (if it ever stops raining!)

And sometimes it’s hard because you haven’t got the time to prepare something that looks good, but you do obviously want to take something. And then there’s the element that you want it to be healthy too!

So here are some quick healthy ideas to take to bring and share.

Cous cous

Cous cous only takes five to 10 minutes and you don’t even have to be there!

You just pour boiling water onto the couscous, let it soak for five to 10 minutes and then separate it with a fork. You can add raisins, cinnamon, chopped apricot, and maybe some coriander and stir it all through. And there you go pretty dish to take with you!

Boiled Eggs

There are lots of options with eggs.

You can just take them boiled in their shells and serve like that, if you really haven’t got much time. Or you could peel them and serve them with a dip – a spicy one works well. Or you could make some egg mayonnaise with yogurt.


You can either buy some relatively plain popcorn or you could make your own popcorn in a saucepan and take that along lightly seasoned. Or why not make plain and then provide a few shakers for people to add their own flavourings? That would be fun!

Veg and dips

Cucumber and carrots, sliced up and taken with hummus is always a winner.

Roasted veg

Why not roast a whole tray of veggie lots of brightly coloured veggies, just the time taken to chop it really and shove it in the oven tossed in some olive oil, then sprinkle with some herbs. Take a spoon if it’s a picnic!


Or how about some strawberries? Just buy a punnet of strawberries and take along, or you could take a chocolate dip with it. You can make a dip out of some cocoa powder and melted coconut oil mixed together or normal dark chocolate just watered down a little bit with coconut oil. Serve on a plate with the dip in the middle and it looks exciting!

So hopefully that gives you some quick healthy ideas that look great!

Share any others you have below!

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