How to Eat What You Like On Holiday

Is it your time to STOP feeling bloated, frustrated and disappointed with yourself on and after your holiday? Do you find that you overeat on holiday and then feel out of control? Do you find that others can eat what they want to on holiday but that you just can’t without unwanted consequences?⠀Truth is, you can! You deserve a holiday where your body is treated to what it needs. Watch the video or read on to find out more…

We need to look at what’s really going on here. It may be that coming to your holiday you feel in need of a reward, to ‘let go’ or that foods normally off limits are allowed. Part of eating in a balanced way on holiday is seeing it as part of a bigger picture and having more freedom and balance in the every day. But finding that freedom is a journey and you may not have long before your summer holiday!

So, to help in the shorter term we will look at the 3 Ps that help with dealing with situations out of our normal day to day routine.⠀

**Peace is essential – there are no right or wrong foods to have on holiday! What matters is that you are peaceful with your decision and your choices are what you really want. So what do you REALLY want. How do you want to feel at the end of your holiday? Do you want to have enjoyed some foods and drink that you enjoy in moderation and also enjoy lots of nutritious food? Do you want to feel in control and happy with your decisions? What do you want and which decisions will you feel at peace with?

**Picturing how you want to feel at the end is very powerful and keeps your bigger picture decision to have fun and be healthy at the forefront of your mind, making each decision easier. Can you journal, doodle or even make a mood board or a pinterest page before you go to support your vision?

**Planning is key; can you have a filling breakfast and a salad for lunch and have more flexibility at other times? Do you want an ice-cream every day or will a few during the week suffice. Would a cold drink suit you instead some days? Do you want a large portion of chips or would a small actually taste just as nice? Can you walk more at the beginning or end of the day or take your exercise kit with you and do a couple of workouts?

If you take the time before your next holiday to draw close to God and think through these P’s it will give you the power to go on holiday and eat with freedom and peace and return in a great place. Making a holiday a true holiday!

Reward Eating, including on holiday, is actually a form of Emotional Eating and today we have launched a mini course called End Emotional Eating! You can find it here


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