5 Veg that are Great Roasted

Our last blog talked about the benefits of roasting vegetables and gave you some ideas for incorporating them into different meals. So this week I thought I’d share 5 vegetables that are great to roast – and why!

Sweet Potatoes: Caramelised when roasted. Great for vision and a strong immune system. 

Brussels Sprouts: Nutty and crispy when roasted. They are high in fibre and maintain healthy skin and bones. 

Peppers: Roasting adds a smoky sweetness. Excellent for your immune system and protect against disease. 

Cauliflower: Roasting imparts a delightful crispness while maintaining a nutty flavour. Great for healthy cells and blood. 

Carrots: Roasting enhances sweetness. They strengthen bones and keep blood sugar under control. 

I’d love to know what your favourites are! 


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