5 Steps to Healthy Freedom in the Area of Eating

Are you being held in bondage in this area?

If you feel that you are going round in circles, can’t stop thinking about food, dieting or your weight, and you just don’t have a sense of freedom in this area, then this video and the blog below are for you!

There are 5 steps that we need to move through, consciously or subconsciously, in order to find freedom in this area.

Step One: You need to believe that it can happen for you.

You need to believe that it’s God’s desire for you to be healthy, because if you don’t believe this then you will prevent yourself from getting to where you want to go. Mindset is so important.  What you think dictates how you behave, what kind of lifestyle you live, what kind of habits you acquire and what kind of choices you make. It all starts in the mind, and if you don’t believe that it will truly happen for you, if you believe it will only happen for other people, then you’re probably right.  It probably won’t happen for you.

So ask yourself again if you believe that God’s desire is for you to be free. Do you believe that this is one of the things that he died for, to set us free from bondage in this area? To move through this first step, you need to really work on whether you believe it’s possible for you, and whether you believe it’s God’s desire for you as well.

Step Two: Be positive and see food in a positive light.

You may have gone through dieting or health programs in the past where you come away with a negative feeling about food. Perhaps you don’t believe that food is something to be enjoyed. You might even see it as an enemy or something that stops you from getting to where you are going. You might have been drip-fed things that have made you believe that certain foods are bad and certain foods are good. 

No food is inherently bad. All food can serve a good and healthy purpose, whether that’s nutrition, energy or enjoyment!  So to work through step two, you need to work on getting back to seeing food as good and positive; not thinking about all the things you can’t have, but instead thinking about all those things that you can enjoy and make the most of.

Step Three: Finding out why you’re really treating your body the way that you are, rather than how you’d want to.

It could be that your unwanted behaviours are:

  • Habits you’ve formed, nothing too deep-seated but actually quite shallow-level behaviours
  • Emotional eating
  • Self-sabotage – where it’s only you getting in the way of your own goals.
  • Cravings – more physiological than emotional

To work through this step it’s important to work out what’s really going on; to work out why you are really stopping yourself from reaching your goals.  A simple way of doing this is to start making a food diary that includes your reasons for eating.

Step Four: Having the right mindset.

There’s nothing wrong with blips or mistakes, as long as they don’t hold you in bondage. If you have continuous blips and you are agonising over them all the time, then they are holding you in bondage, a bit like an addiction. If they are just occasional blips, things that you didn’t really want to do, then the important thing is to have a growth mindset so you can learn from them. You learn what you would have preferred to have done and what you could perhaps do next time to help you, that little bit more.

Step Five:  Having the tools that you need.

  • This could be more education – do you need to do a bit of research about what suits your body better? Do you need to find some new recipes?
  • Do you need more support or more community?
  • Do you need to follow a program of some description?
  • Do you need a coach or a personal trainer?
  • Do you just need a friend to talk to, who will give you some accountability? 

This final step is all about working out which of these tools you need to help you maintain healthy freedom.

I believe that when you’ve got these 5 things in place you will find freedom in this area and you won’t be thinking about food all time. You won’t be thinking about your next meal and you won’t be on and off diets.

I’m running a webinar next week called ‘Stop Dieting and Let God Take Control’ where I’ll talk through some more specific techniques and tactics to stop that dieting process and have freedom in this area. If you want to find out more, come along and find out what I have to say. You can register here.


TRACY says

Hi getting to grips finally with the valuable info thank you for this video and think I’ve missed webinar hope to make next one
My relationship with food and my Faith is a new one to me Thank you


ADMIN says

You're welcome! See you on Weds evening!


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