The Power of a Positive Attitude

Do you believe that having a more positive attitude could make a difference to the way that you are, the things that happen to you, and the things that you cause to happen to others? In the video and blog below, I share 3 P’s that can give you that power of a positive attitude.

1. Push. A positive attitude can push out negative thoughts, actions and behaviours. By dwelling and chewing (sometimes literally) on more positive things, you are naturally going to push out more negative things, or the things that aren’t as good for you. And as a result, there will be less room for some of the unhealthier thoughts, habits or behaviours in your life.

An example could be putting more vegetables on your plate, so there literally won’t be as much room for some of the other foods that perhaps are less beneficial for you. Or it could be drinking more water, and letting water replace (or push out) a couple of your other drinks each day.

Or chewing on Bible verses. If you find your thoughts wandering to less helpful places, if you stop and meditate and chew on a Bible verse instead, that could help you to push out negative or unhealthy thoughts.

A positive attitude not only pushes out more unhealthy and negative behaviours, but it’s also easier to keep up a positive attitude that replaces less healthy attitudes or behaviours, than it is to actively give something up. Taking some positive actions is much easier than saying “I’m not going to do this, or that unhealthy thing again”. It’s naturally more manageable and more rewarding, and easier to adopt so it becomes your lifestyle.

2. Pull. A positive attitude pulls positives towards you. Have you noticed that you attract more positive things if you have a more positive attitude yourself? There are various theories for why this happens, one of which is the vibration theory, but basically, you’re changing your trajectory. So, if you start being more positive, your thoughts, your actions and your behaviours are also going in a different direction.

You will also then have a different way of looking at things; you won’t get knocked as hard by less positive things that may happen, and you’ll bounce back more easily.  And then more positive things happen to you, or you might just see things in a more positive way.  

3. Proliferate.  Not a word you hear all that often, but it means to grow rapidly by producing new things. You might have some ‘ceilings’ in your life, things that might be invisible but which somehow you just can’t get beyond. For example, you might want to reach a certain goal, but you’ve never got past a certain point, and somehow, you’re keeping yourself within limits.

And it might be the case that you need to let go of some of your perfectionism, or fear of failure that may be holding you back and stop you from moving forward. So, if you have a more positive attitude and actually believe that you can achieve something, then it’s much more likely that you will succeed. You can break through those glass ceilings and achieve new things that you haven’t achieved before. You will be able to put your faith into action; the impossible will become possible and you’ll see awesome things happen.  

These 3 P’s and the power of a positive attitude are relevant in lots of different areas of your life. So, it could be that they are relevant for your healthy eating journey and because you want to eat more healthily, you focus on introducing some healthier foods which in turn push out the unhealthier things in your diet. Equally, it could be something at work, or something at church, your prayer life or your bible study that you want to change.

But whatever the situation, start with your thoughts, because thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits, and habits to behaviours that together help you change your lifestyle. Positive thinking and more wholesome thoughts will ripple out into the rest of our lives and can bring about real and positive change.  

Developing a more positive, or growth mindset is one of the things we cover in the 12-week Healthy, Whole and Free online course, that supports people to overcome obstacles, break down barriers and find freedom for body, mind and soul. The next course starts in May – you can sign up to be notified when registration opens here.


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