The ONE thing you CAN DO to follow through with a habit change

There’s no denying that kids change your life! Of course, loads of those changes are positive, but there is some stuff that’s hard. One of the things I found most difficult was losing my own quiet time in the morning. I always used to love getting up and having a cup of tea before anyone else was up, reading the Bible in a special chair, watching the squirrels and birds in the garden and really hearing from God.

When my son came along, I realised I had lots of time in the morning before, but not so much anymore! And for a long time I really struggled with losing that time. Of course, I did other things in that season: I listened to podcasts when I was unloading the dishwasher, I found time for a quick walk, I prayed later in the day.

But now, 6 years later with the help of Ollie the Gro Clock and a better sleeper, I could have that morning quiet time back again. I know my son won’t usually get up until 7:10 so, when my alarm goes off at 6:29 you’d think I’d be jumping out of bed! But somehow when the alarm goes off, there’s still a battle going on in my head, I’ve still got those voices telling me I could have another half an hour snoozing. What difference is half an hour going to make anyway? I could pray later! And it’s still and ongoing choice; even though I really do want to do it, I still have that battle in the moment. So, how can you make a change and follow it through? In the video and blog below I share the ONE thing that has made a big difference for me.

Whenever there’s a decision between the bigger picture, helpful and healthy choice and the in-the-moment, seemingly more beneficial and fun choice, there will always be a battle in your mind. Voices will tell you about the apparently easier and more fun option. So, we have to do something about this ahead of time, because if we wait till the moment comes, what we often refer to as our ‘toddler brain’ will win.

Of course it’s going more comfortable, in the moment, to stay in bed, or to get a takeaway, or to not go to the gym after work. Of course, if it’s raining it’s going to be more comfortable not to get a breath of fresh air, that’s a given. So, what we need to do is make sure that the healthier and more helpful bigger picture decision weighs bigger and weighs as more beneficial in our mind. And that doesn’t just mean thinking about it in the moment; it means being intentional about it, really pondering and chewing over the benefits of it at other times, so when the alarm goes off at 6:29, what comes to the forefront of my mind is: “Ah, it will be amazing to start my day with God!”

Imagine, then, how different my conversations will be at the school gate, in the village shop, at work, and at Beavers, if I start my day grounded in God. Imagine seeing the sun come up and seeing the squirrels playing, and really dwell on those things. Be really intentional about making the benefits of doing that new habit bigger and more beneficial, pushing the easier, in-the-moment options down.

We can help ourselves in lots of different ways when it comes to starting new habits but I really believe one of the most important things we can do is to give that bigger picture, healthier decision more weight in our minds so that when the crunch point comes, we tip over into wanting to do the healthier thing.

What is that you want to do but are not quite doing at this moment in your life? How can you make sure that holds more weight, that it is the bigger and better decision?

Can you do some research? Can you look up some Bible verses about it? Can you talk to other people, read testimonials or success stories? Can you just remember what it feels like when you do do it? can you create a mood board or write it down? Can you pray about it? What can you do to make sure that when that 6:29 alarm hits, you will get out of bed?  I’d love to know what that thing is for you!

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