Making Your Morning

There is great value in having a ‘good’ morning routine and many ‘successful’ people will highlight this routine as one of the most important factors in reaching their goals.

However for many of us getting up an hour before anyone else to drink hot water and lemon in calm meditation is just not realistic, achievable or desirable. And therefore sets you up to fail and feel bad.

This video and the blog below set out a Blue Print for a great morning routine where you can take what you CAN DO and make it work for YOU given your situation.

1. Start your day after enough sleep

This may require going to bed earlier or looking into the reasons why you aren’t sleeping properly.

Don’t set your alarm for 5.30am continuously to exercise or have time before family get up, if it is eventually going to make you warn out, tired and possibly ill.

Many adults go to bed at 9/9.30 which may seem very early but if your mornings are more enjoyable and productive and set you up for the day then why not try shifting your day?

And if you are more of an evening person just make sure you get to bed at a time where you won’t struggle to get up in the morning.

2. Choose something to re-energise you physically

Depending on the time available to you after enough rest you could do one or some of the following:

  • Drink a Glass of water
  • Stretch
  • Have a cold shower
  • Exercise
  • Have a refreshing breakfast

3. Choose something to strengthen your connection with God

This is essential to equip us to handle our day in the best way possible Lift up your day in whatever way you can. It could be something like:

  • Meditate on the verse of the day whilst unloading dishwasher
  • Play a worship song whilst making packed lunches
  • Listen to a podcast whilst you’re exercising
  • Meditate and Journal
  • Listen to the Bible in the car
  • Read a Study app on your phone
  • Thank God for 3 things
  • Pray for your day

4. Choose something to strengthen your connection with others

If you live with family then reach out to them in the morning for more than the logistics of leaving the house on time. If you live alone then reach out to someone you care about.

Could you:

  • Hug someone
  • Have a video call whilst doing morning jobs
  • Text someone to say you are thinking of them
  • Write a quick notecard for a friend, find a stamp and post later
  • Ask a family member what you can pray for today

5. Choose something to strengthen your connection with your goals/dreams/vision/purpose

Life can feel repetitive and monotonous at times and so it is important every day (this might not be morning, but in the morning you would make sure it is scheduled into your day) to make sure that you focus on elements of your wider goals/dreams/vision/purpose.

For example your wider vision could be bringing joy to others, growing happy kids, teaching new skills, growing a business, supporting others in difficult circumstances, creating beautiful things..

Perhaps you could

  • Schedule some imperfect action into your day that moves a project forward
  • Spend 15 minutes with a person you have a passion to help
  • Do some reading around a subject
  • Play music that reminds you of your purpose
  • Engage in your craft
  • Brainstorm ideas for your next venture
  • Create a vision board of what you feel called to
  • Look at your vision board
  • Spend 10 minutes with sole attention on one child

Once you have designed your own morning routine using the blue print above you should feel less harassed and like life is passing you by but that you have more calm and that God is in control of your day.


LOIS says

Excellent videoGaynor. My routine has changed slightly since my appointment with the Hygenist t my dentists! 1. Brush teeth!
2. Drink water.3.make tea. Prayer on Lectio 365. 4.Mindfull meditation. 5.Read for a while or chat to family member or friend. 6.Excercise with daylight light on listening to comedy or sometimes dance to gospel music! While preparing healthy breakfast then breakfast. Love the course.Lois x


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LOIS says

Having said all that in my previous email, it’s always healthy to change around the routine sometimes or have a day off! Blessings Lois x


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