Embracing Accountability

Have you ever stood on the scales in a room full of fellow dieters waiting for your weekly ‘result’?

This is the process that happens in many slimming clubs. 

Though there may be cons of these types of clubs, one of the advantages is a level of accountability. 

The definition of accountability is: ‘a willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.’

So we’re not recommending that you join a slimming club (quite the opposite in fact, see HWF if you’re unsure of our approach!) but how can you use accountability to your advantage, and what will that accountability look like for you?

The advantages of accountability are:

  1. It can slow down rash reactions and thought processes in making decisions about what you are and aren’t going to do. This can lead to healthier choices and a healthier lifestyle.
  2. It can make you reflect on the biggest picture of what you want and what you’re doing more often, reinforcing your goal several times a day, which helps with rewiring your brain.
  3. It can provide more fun and enjoyment by sharing the journey with others and bringing it more to life in your mind.
  4. It serves as additional motivation to get you through challenging times when you normally might not make the same effort or give up when things get tough.
  5. This then reinforces your sense of capability in overcoming obstacles and achieving goals, which means you will trust yourself to do it more often.
  6. It provides you with invaluable moments of introspection. By incorporating these moments of reflection, we gain clarity on our priorities and ensure that our choices align with our values.
  7. The reward cycle with healthy lifestyle changes can be long, and accountability helps to bridge the gap. A ‘well done, you’re amazing!’ or a ‘high-five’ tells your brain that it’s ‘working’ and it’s a thing worth doing before your body might.
  8. Accountability can help you break your journey down into smaller goals and trust that each step will bring you closer to your desired outcome.

While accountability holds immense potential for personal growth, it is not without its challenges and considerations.

It’s worth considering some of these when you’re deciding what type is right for you.

The Fear Factor:

At times, accountability may evoke feelings of fear or apprehension, especially when confronted with the prospect of failure. Make sure that the accountability you have doesn’t encourage these negative feelings but instead encourages reflection and learning.

Encouraging Over-Focus:

The wrong kind of accountability can be all-consuming and ‘rule your life’. Have you ever constantly thought about your food or weight!? Then that was probably the wrong accountability for you.

Too Narrow:

Accountability is not a one-size-fits-all concept. The accountability that you find should be tailored to accommodate your perspective and approach.

By embracing the right kind of accountability for you, it can really help you embed healthy habits and reach your goals, whatever they may be.

So, what kind of accountability do you need?

We know that we are held in account to God and He should be our first thought when we think of accountability. Can you include Him more in your health journey?

Can you find someone who is further ahead on their journey than you are? This could be a friend, a peer, or a coach.

Or would you prefer a buddy relationship when you are on the same level and support each other with your healthy habits?

Or how about using ‘your future healthy self’ as your accountability partner? This involves creating a clear vision of how you want to feel/look/be in a month/a year/for the rest of your life and running your decisions and choices through them.

Whatever method you choose, embrace accountability to help you unlock the healthier you!

If you would like to get some accountability through Fitfish then why not join our Healthy, Whole & Free Programme where you will find support from me and a small group and the opportunity to buddy up.


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