A Variety of Tiny Time Saving Tips

For our blog this week, we wanted to share a list of tiny time saving tips that can really make a difference, especially if you are one of those people who feels there aren’t quite enough hours in the day!

  • Lay your day before God
  • Buy Birthday Cards in bulk when you see offers
  • Keep aid birthday cards by stamps and address book
  • Have a present drawer
  • Cook in bulk
  • Do your weekly food shop online
  • Never answer a call from an unknown number
  • Get a coach or mentor or group or friend that has already walked the path you are taking in your life
  • Pay bills electronically
  • Only switch on your emails if you are going to deal with them
  • Keep your phone on silent
  • Save mornings for concentrated work
  • Get rest
  • Exercise
  • Have a healthy filling breakfast
  • Eat the same meal two nights in a row (regularly)
  • Eat from the freezer (regularly)
  • Record the TV programmes you regularly watch so you can skip the ads
  • Use your driving time wisely – podcasts, news, prayer etc.
  • Schedule your To Dos, don’t have a To Do List
  • Walk when you are on the phone
  • Have a home for everything
  • Hang clothes up straightaway
  • Keep clean cleaning cloths in the bathroom
  • Eat the same menu two weeks in a row
  • Use a slow cooker
  • Avoid screens for as long as possible in the morning
  • Have a box for charity shop donations in your home
  • Don’t be everything to everyone, remember you have an audience of ONE

Let us know in the comments which ones you might try or that are working for you already.

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