Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are great for strengthening and stretching your muscles. Research has suggested that training with these elastic bands provides similar and sometimes even greater muscle activity as weight training. But unlike weights, they involve a lower amount of force on our joints, which means you can work your muscles with less chance of injury. This is also good news for anyone with existing injuries or joint pain, becuase resistance bands may allow you to continue doing some exercises that you couldn’t do with weights.

If you haven’t tried exercising with bands before or are not quite sure how best to use them, I’ve created a new free exercise video to give you some inspiration and to make it as easy as possible to get started with resistance work.

If you don’t already have a band I recommend googling ‘resistance bands with handles’ and choose one that is light to medium strength.

If you would like to try out resistance bands in a ‘live’ exercise class, we’d love you to come and join one of our Fitfish exercise sessions. You can see the timetable and sign up here.


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