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Great Veggie Chilli

Serves 4 “A firm favourite of many or our guests! This is packed full of beans, lentils and veg and gives a very powerful health… Read More

Liz Taylor

This is being an interesting year. Since the fitfish retreat in Feb(?) I’ve left teaching and got a new job as a manager in a… Read More

Lindsay Small

 I am celebrating a non-scale victory today. One of the other reasons I started on this journey to health and fitness – apart from the… Read More

Gina Sharp

“Up until the age of 40, I never did any form of sustained exercise. I would join an exercise class but tail off after a… Read More


“So grateful for Fitfish! My retreat and all the other input from you all has helped shift me away from years of dieting to a… Read More

Chocolate Balls

Chocolate Balls Recipe – A Healthier Way to get your chocolate hit! These have been tested by kids and adults alike and are a healthier… Read More