You’re a Balanced Eater and rarely eat emotionally!

Congratulations! You eat a wide variety of nutritious food. You’re able to enjoy your food and aren’t constantly thinking about where your next meal or snack is coming from.

You are also able to eat food purely for enjoyment on occasion, without worrying about the nutritional value.

You probably did this quiz out of interest and wondered what it would say about you!

WELL DONE on achieving balance in this area!

Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow for tips to keep the balance!

Gaynor van der Burton

Let me introduce myself…

Hi! I’m Gaynor from Fitfish (the Christian well-being organisation)

I really hope that this little quiz and the results will help you! 🙌

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Motivationfish is a group of Christians who are striving towards a healthy, balanced way of living in body, spirit and soul.

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