You’re most prone to: Stress Eating

You have a lot going on. It sounds like you’re in need of some real self-care! You may be reaching for food because a lot of things feel stressful for you at the moment.😣

You often find yourself in the cupboard, fridge or snack drawer, before you know what you’re doing. The choices are usually sugary, starchy or salty and you munch on them whilst you feel overwhelmed.

This can help to relieve your stress temporarily, but you keep finding yourself in the same position. Sometimes you eat a lot, sometimes a small amount hits the spot. Either way, you (briefly) feel a little more in control.

Here’s the thing though: when you experience (non-emergency) stress continually throughout the day, the hormones released also make you feel that you NEED to snack. It becomes physiological as your body thinks it needs to store food in case another stressor comes along and you have to fight or take flight.🤺 🦅

Generally, this extra energy is stored around your middle, for easier access, which isn’t good news for your blood sugar levels.😬

It’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE to bring this area of your eating under control.

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