You’re most prone to: Reward Eating

Well done, you have some good habits in place that are treating your body well! 👍

You’re doing well at this thing called life and at the end of a hard day, you like to reward yourself with something nice to eat or drink. Your first thought to celebrate a special occasion is to order a takeaway, go out for a meal or cook something special.

You really do deserve to be treated for everything you achieve, but it’s entirely possible to do this in a way that doesn’t involve compromising your health.

When you go on holiday or get to the weekend, you like to eat things you wouldn’t normally have and you often feel like you deserve to treat yourself. 🍰

Sometimes your treat is just small, and you return to your normal pattern of eating straight away. At other times you find yourself eating more of certain foods than you would like. Then you feel frustrated that all of your hard work with trying to be healthy is ‘wasted’.

You wish you could get the balance right!

It’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE to bring this area of your eating under control.

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