You’re most prone to: Negative Emotion Eating

You have a lot going on and you have some great healthy habits in place, but it sounds like you’re in need of some real self-care. 🛀🏻

You may be reaching for food as a source of comfort when you feel low, angry, sad or upset. 🥲

It’s ok, you’re not alone. This is very normal, but it is possible to step away from this cycle. 👍

You like the feeling that food gives you of temporarily relieving your discomfort and emptiness. Sometimes you feel that food gives you a hug and is like a friend that you can rely on to make you feel better.

You may have food in the house that you know you can reach for, but at other times when you feel low, you go out and buy some food that you can eat to feel better. 🍪

You know that it’s not healthy….but you’re not sure you want to let the comfort go.

It’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE to bring this area of your eating under control.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the steps towards finding freedom.

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