You’re most prone to: Harmony Eating

Well done! You’re pretty healthy most of the time and have some great habits in place that are doing you a world of good.

When you’re in control you’re quite comfortable with the way that you eat. But there are just too many social and special occasions to contend with and you end up having a slice of cake 🍰 or two and a meal that you don’t particularly enjoy. It’s understandable! We live in such a social world and people are important to you. 👍

If someone has made a cake then how can you refuse? You don’t want to offend them! And you’ll just seem like such a spoilsport if you don’t have a snack at the cafe with your friend, even though you could actually do without it. And when you go out for a friend’s birthday dinner, you don’t want them to feel bad about their decisions or appear like you’re looking down on them or that you’re some kind of health freak!

So you feel deflated because you’ve ‘messed up’ your healthy eating and you just can’t keep it up, even though you want to. There are too many hurdles and obstacles in the way! 😬

The great news is that you do have healthy habits in place, and you know what you want: you just find it hard to stick to these in tricky situations.

It’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE to bring this area of your eating under control

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