Fitfish Days

Sometimes it’s not possible to take a weekend out and so our Fitfish Days give you a chance to get a taste of Fitfish, a motivation boost and tools and tips to take away with you.

Example Timetable

Your Fitfish Day will look something like this:

​9:30  Arrivals
10.00 Welcome and Intro to Balanced Living
10.45 10 Minute Power Walk
10.55 Break and cake
11.20 Better Eating
12.00 Chair Workout
12.30 Physical Health Tips
13.00 Lunch
13.45 Spiritual Health Tips
14.15 Emotional Health Tips
14.45 Circuits
15.15 Break
15.30 GP and PT Q&A
16.00 Closing session
16.15 Praise Aerobics
17.00 Finish​

Venues and Dates

​There are no Fitfish Days organised at the moment. Do check back.

​​You can watch a video of a day below.

Hold your own day

​If you can organise the venue, the recruitment, the equipment and the food then we can provide the programme.

​You can charge your guests or give it as a gift.

Fitfish Days cost approximately £500​​​

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