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Deciphering Decisions

Decisions are that pivotal point in our journey to be healthier in body spirit and soul. They take us in one direction or the other:… Read More

A Helpful New Year

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? How do you feel about them? They can work and are very helpful for some people; there are definitely… Read More

Super Scheduling

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘scheduling’? Even the word itself sounds pretty boring: maybe you think of bus timetables or train… Read More

Top Tips for Saying No

Why do we have such a problem with saying no? Do you remember Jim in The Vicar of Dibley who says: “no, no, no, no,… Read More

Benefits of Snacking

Snacking could be seen a bit of a controversial topic! Some people think is a good thing while others think it’s not necessary and that… Read More

Ridiculous Rules!

How we live our lives, the kind of decisions we make, the actions that we take, the things we do and think, all come from… Read More