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During the Retreat you get an 'Included Option’ which is a chance to make the most of the expertise within the team.

Life Coaching
Work through a decision, uncertainty, crossroads or obstacle in your life with a Life Coach who will help you to reach conclusions and design an action plan. Our Life Coach will use a series of questioning techniques to help you to discover your route forward.
Listening Prayer
Team members listening to God about you and the way that He uniquely designed you to be. You just sit and relax! They will then share what they hear, often in pictures or verses of scripture, and you get to take the thoughts away.
Fitness Chat
Some 1:1 time with one of our Personal Trainers. You could use this to write a exercise programme, get an idea of what else you could be doing or chat through any barriers to exercise that you would like to overcome (such as time or injury, health or finance). If you’re just starting out you could get some guidance on the appropriate activities for your ability.
Food Diary Check Over
Bring a 2-4 week food diary on the retreat and one of our Nutritional Advisers will go through it with you and make some suggestions for improvements.
A Listening Ear
Chat something through that’s gone on or is going on in your life with a qualified Counsellor.
Understanding Your Personality
A Myers Briggs personality assessment with one of our Life Coaches. This takes 1.5 hours and isn’t available on all retreats but it can be done before or after the weekend over the phone also. (Supplement of £60)
Free Time (No Option)
A chance to catch up on yourself and read and reflect, go for a walk or sleep!
(We will endeavour to ensure that you get your first choice but due to demand this may not be always possible and so please indicate all 3 choices)
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We can only offer one Included Option per person on each Retreat.

Snow and Spa only

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Bookable in Resort: Excellent Local Lessons – from 78 euros

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