Your Plate of Plenty Success

If you fill Your Plate, you will fulfil Your Goals!

Your Plate of Plenty Success

If you fill Your Plate, you will fulfil Your Goals!


claire-woolett-before-200x216I just want to share my joy and thank you for the Fitfish programme.

I have been plodding away since last Sept 2014. I have had the help of an amazing friend who has weighed with me each week and helped me stay on track. I am 4lbs off of a 5 stone weight loss now. It is a programme that obviously suits my body (I have done most diets - since the age of 12 - now 53!) I hope you find time to read this and receive credit where credit is due ... I am sure you guys pray for those of us on the programme. It is the worst thing when we put ourselves in our own prison (whatever the harmful behaviour may be!)

claire-woolett-after-200x149God wants us to be free - free indeed-to shake off all that hinders us . Your programme and the literature supporting it has helped me to do this. Thank you! Be encouraged! I am about 2 stone from the goal I have set myself . I go to the gym regularly too. I will let you know when I get there (and of course, it's about 'staying there!!')


sarah-jones-after_200x640So many of my friends are struggling with health issues right now... and that was largely the story of my life. I had plenty of reason to feel sorry for myself, I broke my back in 1992, suffered with depression over a 10 year period, and had an immune system that allowed me to catch every bug going. My life was an ongoing battle with pain.and ill health. Last year I decided enough was enough and it was time to take charge. After years of being convinced that most health problems could be solved by addressing diet, it was time to put my money where my mouth was.

sarah-jones-before_200x384In June I embarked on a healthy eating programme, Your Plate of Plenty,that has transformed my life. I can now exercise without pain and my blood sugar levels are stable.

I’ve lost 2 dress sizes and haven’t succumbed to a single virus in 9 months.I don’t want to diminish anyone’s health issues (how could I with my track record?) but If you want to feel well how about starting with what/how you eat, drink, sleep and move. Now whatever your problems those four things will help, maybe more than you could imagine.


maggie-oxby-before_200x359Since moving south to be with my family my health and mobility got much worse and I couldn't walk up Sarah's (daughter) stairs. When we all went for a walk on the sea front I was staggering and in a lot of pain and they were all having to walk slowly at my pace. Eventually I gave up and we were able to get a scooter which meant they were able to walk at a good pace again. The biggest snag was that I was putting on more and more weight through non activity and when I was also having heart problems I knew the time would soon come to do something about it.

I knew Sarah was in contact with Fitfish but thought there would be no way I could ever think of anything like this for me. Obviously God had other ideas and on a visit to the doctor where I was told my cholesterol was very high and she understood exercise was not easy but to try swimming as it might help.

maggie-oxby-after_200x561My final decision that I had to do something was when I saw a photo my me when all the family came at Christmas (2013) and hardly recognised it was me. That was it I knew I had to do something drastic.

Because Sarah had gone on a Fitfish retreat she was really into motivating me to get help. She enrolled me with her Bannantines and I did my first swim. Two lengths and I was done. I also had asked for my Plate of Plenty because it would give me something to work at. I really felt refreshed both physically and spiritually, as I knew I wasn't going to be in this on my own. I had support, prayer back up and encouragement.

Gradually I built up the distance I was swimming and after an assessment at the gym went on the machines and started walking, rowing etc. Very short burst at first and very slow but was feeling the benefit and my mobility was improving. I was also losing weight and feeling better having a more improved diet. My scooter was hardly being used at all then.

Sarah took me on a Fitfish weekend in March. I wasn't sure about it with my age and thought everyone would be very active, slim and full of zest. How wrong could I have been, there were all shapes and sizes, ages, etc. but what stood out more than anything was that we were all on a walk with God together, healthier eating, fitter (whatever stage you were at). everyone encouraging, advice and help given. In fact care and love to bring us all round and motivating us all to be "fit for God" I came back regenerated, invigorated and blessed beyond anything I imagined. It has continued and now I have swum 50 lengths (1 km) walked for 20 minutes at a good pace and lost over 1. 1/2. stones in weight. My cholesterol is down and I have come off Statins. I am not using a stick anymore, enjoy going for long walks now 10,000 is nothing though I don't do it every day.

I want to say thank you to Gaynor and the team for all that you have done for me. Boy, am I pleased that Fitfish has come about and know that many more people all shapes and sizes, all

changing their ways of eating and being more healthy, and whatever stage they are in their

Christian lives will be encouraged to go on.

Now I have a completely new outlook on diet and food I eat and am sharing the concept with those I am in contact with. I now cook on Fitfish retreats!

So Fitfish, thank you for coming into my life and changing it around. I will always be grateful.


The pictures speak for themselves!

elizabeth-before_200x340 elizabeth-after_200x504

Sarah (Maggies daughter)

The pictures speak for themselves!

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