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Sweet Potato has never tasted so sweet

You may have heard of Sweet Potato to be a healthier alternative to white potato, or you may have just got bored of your average mashed spud. So we thought we’d give you the facts on why you should be popping more sweet potato in your trolley.

Haven’t tasted Sweet Potato?

It’s got a great creamy texture and a sweet and spicy kick to it. It’ll fit perfectly in many of your savoury classics.

Why is it any better than my regular white spud?

Well for one they contain more fibre. Fibre leaves you feeling more full in-between meals and also helps protect you against bowel cancer.

They are also packed with vitamin A, (400% of your RDA!). This will help aid body tissue repair and maintenance, resistance to any kind of infection, hormone production and production of red and white blood cells.

They are also high in Vitamin C, which as you probably know is great for your immune system. But it’s also great for bone, tooth, digestion and blood cell formation as well as helping your skin look great.

Sweet Potato also contains a lower GI (glycemic index). This means that they won’t raise your blood sugar levels like normal potatoes will, which are high GI. This means that eating sweet potato will help prevent highs and lows of your blood sugar and energy levels.

Lastly, they are lower in calories and carbs so if you’re watching your weight, there’s nothing stopping you from giving them a go!

Need a recipe idea?

Sure, here’s our own tasty Sweet potato and protein frittata