Christians offering services in your area



Christians offering services in your area


Envision Counselling

Envision CounsellingLife is full of change and uncertainty and whether we have a belief or not we are still affected by these human challenges. Births, deaths, relationships, work and pleasure can all cause us stress and leave us feeling overwhelmed. If we’re Christians then we want to live God’s purpose for our lives. Through counselling I help people to spend time focusing on who they are and how they want to be in the world. We work through issues and embrace a deeper truer sense of who they are. This is what motivated me to write my first book “An A-Z for our life”. I am finishing my second book “They Call Me…” which has come out of my counselling experience and my Caribbean heritage. Embracing our true identity is the work of life.


Depression or low mood, relationship issues, loss and bereavement, change, anxiety, identity, work-life balance, life’s purpose, cultural issues, belonging, hopelessness, fatigue, life crisis



Fitfish Personal Training – Gaynor Burton

Personal Training £45 per hour

Gaynor BurtonWhether you’re new to exercise, training for a specific event, want to build muscle or lose fat I can help you to reach your goals in a friendly and relaxed environment

You won’t get bored, no two sessions will be the same and you will get results!

You can train with me as much or as little as you like. Personal Training can also be offered to groups of friends for the same price split as many ways as you like.

I can also offer Comprehensive Fitness Assessments to give you a complete overview of your current physical fitness.

Tests include: Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Body Fat Percentage, Waist to Hip ratio, Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Range of movement, Postural Analysis

The Comprehensive Fitness Assessment serves as a motivating benchmark to measure your future progress against.

Contact office@fit-fish.co.uk to enquire
Reading, Berks

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